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Vita Liberata tanning Mitt (2 Sizes)

Vita Liberata tanning Mitt (2 Sizes)

$ 6.50

A tanning application mitt designed to give you a streak-free, flawless tan result. When hand washed in warm water and left to dry naturally, the Tanning Mitt can be reused numerous times.

  • Extra soft flock makes it gentle enough to use on the face and body
  • Protects palms of hands from staining

  • Ensures your tan applies evenly for a perfect finish

  • Can be hand-washed, left to dry naturally and reused numerous times

With the Tanning Mitt on one hand, cup hand and pump your tan into the mitt. Clench your fist a few times to distribute the solution. Apply the tan on the mitt onto your body in circular movements, using it sparingly on hands, feet, knees and elbows.