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Free Love Beauty Illuminating Oil (2 Options)

Free Love Beauty Illuminating Oil (2 Options)

$ 27.00

EET FREE LOVE BEAUTY: My potions are made with Certified Organic unrefined oils and I take great pride in sourcing my oils to find the absolute highest quality! I've been a Licensed Esthetician for six years and mixing organic potions to settle skin woes is my true passion. I originally developed Moonchild to calm my baby girl's eczema and keratosis pilaris on her arms and legs naturally. I chose organic pomegranate seed oil which is an extremely rich source of powerful antioxidants that stimulates keratinocytes (our skin's outer layer), which helps reverse skin damage and truly revives skin. Organic hemp seed oil is rich in Vitamins A and E, and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which makes this perfect for sensitive, dry or irritated skin! Hemp seed oil also works amazingly well on brittle hair. Lavender essential oil was a key choice in aiding the calming effect on skin and on the senses.

Moonchild can be used any time of day but I especially love it before bedtime!! I may run some through my damp hair after an evening shower, add a few drops to my lotion for an added boost, or massage into my baby's legs and arms to calm her eczema while she peacefully sleeps, and even rub into my nail beds and hands so those powerful antioxidants can fight aging overnight naturally. Moonchild is a major multi-tasker, and the highest quality of oils that I use helps promote healthy, revitalized skin, hair and nails the nontoxic way!

INGREDIENTS: organic pomegranate seed oil (punica granatum), organic hemp seed oil (cannabis sativa), organic jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia), tocopherol (non-gmo)