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10 Oct '17

A Wonderful Wonder Balm

Posted by Ashley Hufford

We are giddy to chat with you about our One Love Organics Skin Savior which is our multitasking wonder balm. Just opening the jar the scent of orange peels calms, soothes, and uplifts you. This fresh, effective balm is the answer to all of your skin care needs.

This multi-use product simplifies your life by cleansing away dirt and makeup without stripping the skin. You can also use it as your day or evening moisturizer, and a fun tip is to mix it in with your foundation for a illuminated glow. If you ever find yourself with really dry hands, elbows, or heals a small amount will help hydrate and heal those areas.

Filled with:
-Orange peels, which contain 91% more Vitamin C than the flesh part of the orange
-Antioxidant rich coconut oil, mango butter, jojoba and chia

-Improves texture
-Protects against environmental stresses
-Reveals luminous, smoothie skin

Whether you use this as a makeup remover, moisturizer, or for all of its intended uses you will find your skin looking and feeling better with organic ingredients that nourish the skin. This is the perfect compliment to your current skin care routine, or when you stop by our boutique to pick up your own jar we would love to help you create a custom skin care routine!

03 Oct '17

The Perfect Palette

Posted by Ashley Hufford

What's not to love about makeup palettes?We are all about convenience and these palettes have everything you need in one compact palette! If you don't normally gravitate towards palettes, here's three reasons to love them:

1. More bang for your buck. Palettes are always priced to be more cost effective. Often times you are getting one to three shades more, than purchasing colors individually. Not to mention, the condensed packaging. Palettes are a great way to save on cost and waste.

2. Options! You have options so you can change your shadow depending on your mood. Don't be afraid to wear shadows in a different order or a shimmery highlighter on your eyelid. Have fun creating different looks!

3. Compact and are easy to use and travel with. We love palettes for traveling! Less mess and everything thing you need on one small convenient place! Palettes are the perfect traveling companion!

Made with:
Our palettes are nourishing formulas that are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. The beautiful colors are from fruits, seeds, flowers, and vegetables. Just grab your best shadow brushes and blend away.

Pretty Naked Palette:
This is the one to reach for to look gorgeous naturally. Full of soft, neutral tones that will enhance and beautiful without making you look too made up.

Sex Kitten Palette:
Alluring, seductive colors for sultry eyes, soft pink for blushing cheeks, and iridescent shimmer for a sexy glow.

Mermaid Palette:
Dreamy, gorgeous colors inspired by mermaids, pink clouded sunsets, and what the ocean looks like when hit by the sun rays.

Punk Princess Palette:
Beautiful, dramatic colors for bold, smoked, glimmers eyes; a pop of plum on the cheeks and a sparkling luminiferous for an all over glow.

We are excited to help you pick out your new favorite makeup must have to get your best makeup look!

26 Sep '17

Are Your Brushes Sabatoging You?

Posted by Ashley Hufford
Are your makeup brushes and sponges secretly sabotaging you? It may sound dramatic, but our tools that make us beautiful can do us harm if we aren’t cleaning them. Most woman are washing their tools less than once a month. You wash your face, hair, and sheets regularly and you need to wash the tools that touch your skin often as well. Think about how often you use you brushes and sponges and then compare it to how often you are washing those items. Check out our list below of the effects of dirty brushes and see if you recognize any issues. Don’t panic were here to help you.

Dirty brushes and sponges can lead to:
1. An abundance of bacteria: You cant see it but the dirty things in you makeup bag are covered in bacteria, dust, and dirt. Every times you use one of those tools you are applying all of that bacteria directly onto your face. EEEK!
2. Sharing is not caring in this case: If you friend asks to use your beauty blender you might want to politely decline because sharing tools means sharing viruses. Any oil and bacteria on your friends face sticks right to your favorite fluffy brush and then makes its way right on your beautiful face.
3. Bugs!: If its been a very long time since you’ve washed your beloved makeup blender there can be teeny bugs that have taken up residence in your sponge. Your egg shaped helper is their new egg shaped mansion.
4. Breakouts: When you break out do you notice that those breakout occur right where you blend, dab, or brush the most? All that gunk on your dirty brushes that touches your face is just welcomes breakouts to occur. Clean brushes equals a clean, clear complexion
5. Clogged pores: Ugh, the frustration of clogged pores might be easier to fix than you think. The gunk from you brushes just clogs those pores and using dirty brushes daily just clogs them more and more.
6. Time consuming: The dirtier you brush and sponges are they don’t work as well. You’ll spend more time trying to blend because that buildup doesn’t allow the tool to really work and do its job.
7. Costly: You’ll have to replace your brushes sooner because the buildup and bacteria destroy the brushes pretty quickly.

Cleaning your brushes and sponges doesn’t have to take long because we have some cleansers that really do the trick.

Fitglow Botanical Gel Cleanser: A natural foaming gel will dissolve makeup and remove impurities without destroying your brushes

One Love Organics Easy Does it: This was is so gentle, yet so effective. Its all all purpose cleanser that you can use to wash your hair and face after you wash your brushes

One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil: Smells heavenly and does an incredible job of cleaning off any makeup. Tip: We love to use this cleanser at night on our face to remove makeup and then go in with our second cleanser.

Beauty Blenders needs to be replaced every couple months and we highly recommend grabbing a couple of our 100% Pure Latex Free Makeup Blenders to keep your makeup game strong.
19 Sep '17

A Multi-Award Winning Must Have

Posted by Ashley Hufford

When Vogue called this product “the best natural deodorant on the market,” we knew we had a gem on our hands. Agent Nateur refers to their sticks as Holi Sticks which are chic, effective, and filled with healthy, organic ingredients that you can actually eat (although we don't recommend having deodorant for a snack).

Each handmade deodorant contains nourishing and healing ingredients that are free of:


Each batch is formulated by the owner along with French chemists, sourcing most ingredients from Paris. As a unisex product, this easy to use stick will keep you and your loved ones smelling lovely well into the evening hours. It has a very neutral scent with light trace of honey, lavender, and eucalyptus that is both refreshing and calming. A small amount goes a long way so just one light swipe and you are good to go. All of our Agent Nateur bottles are nontoxic, cruelty free, and made with love.

Some Star Ingredients:
-Organic coconut oil
-Organic sunflower butter
-Organic avocado butter
-Raw honey

All of these incredible nourishing ingredients combined together, make this a beautifully formulated product that has also won a Glamour Beauty Award. Pop into our boutique to make this a new favorite a staple in your life and see why it wins all of these prestigious awards.

12 Sep '17

Find Your Bliss

Posted by Ashley Hufford
One of our fan favorite items we sell is our Fit Glow Beauty Bliss Oil and we figured it was abount time we share with you why it is so amazing.

What is it:
A fast absorbing and non-greasy oil that instantly replenishes the skin with essential moisture while working to repair the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Organic macadamia, noni, and oil of tamanu soothes dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

Will improve:
-skin clarity and will reduce freckles, uneven skin tone, and sun damage
-skin health and reduce inflammation
-skin tone and smoothness
-an extra benefit is that this oil will protect the skin from free radical damage
-calms inflammatory skin conditions like eczema

How to use it:
Apply to face and neck after cleansing. Or you can mix equal parts Bliss Oil and water and use it to remove eye makeup at the end of your day. Also, if you experience dry or flaky skin mix it in with your liquid foundation for glowing, gorgeous skin.

Who is it for:
Everyone, especially if you are concerned with aging, dry skin, red and irritated skin.

Key Ingredients:
-Grapeseed oil: improves hydration and protects collagen and elastin from breaking down
-Macadamia oil: nourishes and clams the skin
-Noni Seed oil: anti-inflammatory that counters acne and eczema
-Avacado oil: protects the skin from UV damage while reducing spots
-Tamanu oil: soothes, heals, and hydrates with a high level of antioxidants

Come by our boutique and experience bliss with this skin changing oil and recieve 30% off!