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05 Nov '16

Voting & Election Fun Facts

Posted by Bree Bruce

With Election Day right around the corner we thought it would be fun to do some research and find some fun facts to share with you! We also want to invite all you voters out there to come by the store on Tuesday after you cast your votes, show us your "I Voted!" sticker, and get 15% off your total purchase that day!

  1. On July 1, 1971, the 26th amendment extended the right to vote to citizens 18 years of age and older.
  2. The states of Maine and Vermont allow felons to vote from prison. 
  3. There was an amendment proposed in 1916 in the US Constitution that all acts of war should be put to a national vote, and every person that voted yes had to register for volunteer service in the army.
  4. American astronauts on the ISS can vote in elections from orbit by secure email
  5. If women wouldn’t have voted in USA elections between 1968 and 2004, the Republicans would have swept all presidential elections (except one).
  6. The women of Utah gained the right to vote 50 years before the U.S. itself, in 1870. But since Utah women voted in ways favorable to end polygamy, the U.S. Congress revoked this right in 1887.
  7. The office of President of the US can be transferred to the Vice President if a majority of the cabinet votes that the sitting President is incapable of his duties. In theory, the cabinet could peacefully stage a coup and overthrow the president
  8. The worst campaign slogan in history belongs to Al Smith, who was against prohibition. To show his support for the creation, distribution, and sale of alcohol, he advertised: “Vote for Al Smith and he’ll make your wet dreams come true.”
  9. George Washington blew his entire campaign budget on 160 gallons of liquor to serve to potential voters.
  10. Democrats use a donkey as their mascot thanks to Andrew Jackson. When his critics called him a “jackass” because of his populist views, he embraced the image, even using it alongside his slogan, “Let the people rule.”
  11. The United States is ranked 139th out of 172 countries in voter participation.
  12. It is illegal to drink alcohol in Kentucky and South Carolina on election day.
  13. The 1800 election year was so heated that vice president Aaron Burr ended up killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel.
  14. On March 19, 2000 an episode of The Simpsons aired with a joke about Trump being president.
  15. In 1980 Ronald Reagan swept to power, running on the campaign slogan “make America great again”, appropriated 36 years later by Donald Trump.