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15 Aug '17

Nudus Lipsticks

Posted by Ashley Hufford

    We have a treat for you today from down under! We’re talking about Australia, of course. When you think of Australia you may think of kangaroos, Sydney Opera House, or some hunky actor. Have you ever thought of beautiful lipstick from Australia? Once you hear about Nudus Australia you will!
Nudus is Australian made, certified organic, cruelty free, and authentically crafted. This lippies come in a pure white tube which make it easy to spot when your digging through your purse, but its what is in each tube that is impressive.

These are specially designed with:
-vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K
-essential fatty acids
-anti aging ingredients
    All of these ingredients blend together perfectly to keep your lips soft and protect them from natural stress.
We have hand selected 9 of the best shades that we sell at our boutique. Each color is handcrafted with extracts from flowers, fruits, herbs, and minerals. These extracts blend with cold pressed oils including pumpkin, kiwi fruit, raspberry, pomegranate, argan, and moringa. This makes for a nutritious cocktail of moisture and beauty. The formula of food grade ingredients will lead to a healthy, stunning smile. In order to keep the integrity of each product Nudus each color is made in small batches and without machinery so that the freshness and quality control can be ensured. This is all very impressive from a lipstick line. Now that you know how amazing these lipsticks are were doing a quick breakdown of colors
-Revenge: Classic Red
-Just Like Jade: Berry Aubergine
-Halo: Light Muted Rose
-Fairy Tales: Light Warm Peach
-Bittersweet: Bright Orange Red
-Naked: Light Golden Neutral Brown
-Survivor: Electrifying Fuchsia Pink
-Dirty Diana: Deep Bordeaux Red
-Precious: Bright Coral Pink
    We believe in this product so much we ship it all the way from Australia to our boutique just so we can share how fabulous it is with you. Also, we are offering 20% off all shades to make it even more accessible for you! Stop by our Tustin location to pick up your favorite shade!