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29 Nov '16

November Favorites

Posted by Bree Bruce

We thought it would be fun to end each month talking about our favorites! Depending on the season, the weather, the trends, etc our favorites are ever changing. This month we really embraced fall!

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, we're loving our candles from Erins Faces. They're clean burning, with no hidden toxic chemicals in the wax or the wick, and free of synthetic fragrances. We carry them in a delicious assortment of scents and you can shop them in store or online.

Next up is a selection of nutrition supplements from HUM Nutrition.

  1. Skinny Bird - which is taken 30 mins before meals to help curb your appetite and support healthy blood sugar levels. Which means you'll eat less and not turn in to a crazy cranky grouch for doing so.
  2. Flatter Me - This is a digestive aid that you take with your meal. It is formulated to optimize protein, carb, fiber, and fat breakdown and to help with nutrient absorption, relief from indigestion and bloating. Going in to the holiday party season we love the idea of having a flat tummy without wearing 12 pairs of spanx. 
  3. Raw Beauty - a unique proprietary blend developed by HUM's leading nutritionists: alkalizing greens, detoxifying and energizing herbs, beauty boosting phytonutrients and digestion supporting fiber, fruits, vegetables, enzymes and probiotics. Over 30 beauty detox superfoods help improve your energy, support radiant skin and boost your metabolism. Also, did we mention that it is delicious? You can mix it with water, milk, almond milk, or really anything you'd like. It also mixes deliciously in smoothies!

You can shop our entire collection of HUM Nutrition in store or online.

Don't get us wrong, we love fall weather, but we don't necessarily love the affect it has on our skin. So, we love to keep a bottle of One Love Organics Vitamin D Moisture Mist in our bag. It spritzes on without messing up our makeup and gives our skin a calming boost of moisture. One Love Organics in only available in store, so come on by and test out our full collection.

Finishing up our November Favorites is our newest addition to the store, Pai Skincare. It was too hard to just pick one item from this brand, each one treats our skin to a luxuriously comforting and relaxing experience. From cleansing to moisturizing and even silky hand creams, we know there is a product you'll love from this line. You can shop it in store or online