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25 Jul '17

Lotus Wei Mists That Will Change Your Day!

Posted by Ashley Hufford

Lotus Wei is a company that believes in the power of flowers, and once we started using these mists we became believers too. These bottles of flower essences can give you a boost in energy, calm your overactive mind, or help you to get rid of your crabby attitude. The mist you choose allows you to take in the pure flower essence that is suspended in water. This means that this bottle is considered liquid energy that transforms your mood and mind for the better. Breathing in the aroma of the mist brings you balance and back to feeling good. All you have to do is close you eyes, spray the mist around your face, neck, shoulders, and breathe in deeply. We have also found that spraying your home or your car with any of these wonderful sprays can also create a awesome environment for you to spend time in. Here at Enkel we carry what we consider to be the essential four that are the most important for you to have. We believe in the power of these flower sprays so much that we are offering 20% off of them so you can pick up as many as you need. Keep reading to see which are the best fit for you:

Joy Juice: This is our go to for sitting in traffic, dealing with that difficult person in your life, or anytime we want to feel happy. The jasmine and sweet orange scent also bring out more laughter, simplicity, and a feeling of contentment.

Radiant Energy: For those weeks where you feel so tired and drained, need to recharge after traveling, or any time you need an energy boost this mist will work wonders. A few sprays on your sheets will help you to relax after long days. We also love to spray this around the office because it will take away fatigue from too much computer use too!

Quiet mind: Ahh, relaxation is just a spray away. This mist will dissolve any restless feelings and tension. Spraying this by your shoulders will also relive any stored up tension in the shoulders and neck. A must have for when you can over analyze a situation. Tip: we spray this right before bed so we can drift off to sleep knowing that the geranium and lemon scent will have us snoozing in no time.

Inspired action: We can also use a little help to be more motivated or following through on finishing a project. This amazing citrus scent will help to accomplish that while helping you achieve your goals too by dissolving procrastination or feeling stuck.

Stop by our store to smell how incredible these are and shift your mood in no time!