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27 Sep '16

Lashes - What's Best For You?

Posted by Bree Bruce in lashes, makeup

We love finishing off our look with a really great pair of lashes, but after making the switch to green beauty we found a lot of brands just weren't up to our new eco-friendly, cruelty free, green standards. That is, until we found Battington Lashes and Georgie Beauty

Let's talk a little bit more about each brand, as it's been a while since we introduced them. 

What sets Battington apart from other luxury lash brands is their commitment to being cruelty free. Their 100% Handmade Silk Lashes are glamour you can feel good about. In their line up you will find two distinct styles:

A more natural, 1 dimensional look (Hepburn & Kennedy)

& a more bold, 3D look (Monroe, Harlow, & Bardot).

We love these lashes for their lightweight and natural feeling, and it doesn't hurt that a single pair lasts for up to 25 applications!

Next are the Georgie Beauty Lashes and their wonderful clean adhesive!

We carry their individual lashes which are great for the seasoned lash applier to fill in or create an individualized unique look.

When adhering our lashes we ALWAYS reach for the George Beauty Adhesive (we prefer black, but it is available in clear as well!). This glue is made with clean ingredients and natural rubber latex. PRO TIP: wait 30-60secs after applying adhesive to lashes before applying lash to lid, this will ensure a good strong bond.