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26 Aug '16

Hair Tips & Tricks

Posted by Bree Bruce in Beauty, Hair Care, product, Tips & Tricks

We spend a lot of time talking about skin care & makeup, but hair care is important too! And while most days we probably do not have as much time as we would like to spend on our hair, we do know a few super handy tips and tricks for our hair that we want to share with you today!

Taking good care of your hair is key to having hair that styles well and looks good.

  • Your hair does not need to be washed everyday! Maybe you think it does because you work out, or your hair is fine & thin, or gets greasy quickly, but the truth is the more you wash your hair the more you will have to wash your hair. Meaning your body gets used to being stripped of it's natural oils so often that it over produces to try to keep up. Train your scalp to produce less oil by going longer between washes. PRO TIP - arm yourself with a fab dry shampoo to make this process easier to deal with, we love Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder from One Love Organics. For those of you that already go a few days between washes can use dry shampoo on your first day on clean dry hair, now maybe you're thinking "Why woulkd I do that, my hairs already clean!" Look at it as a preventative measure, it will extend the life of your clean hair style and give you some much needed texture.
  • 2-3 days prior to your salon appoint with your colorist do a deep conditioning treatment. This will do two things, 1. help protect your hair during the damaging process of coloring, and 2. balance and fill in your hair so you'll achieve a more even look (kind of like using a base coat before painting!). Depending on the state of your hair and what service you have done, we know you'll love one or both of these treatements, UltraRepair by Evolvh or Nourishing Moisture Mask from Onesta.
  • Cotton fibers can pull and fray hair, creating frizz and split ends, so switch out your cotton pillow case for a luxurious and hair friendly silk pillow case.
  • We know it is easy to get caught up in the rush of a morning routine, but when applying product to your hair give it a good ten minutes to fully absorb before you start attempting to style your hair. This will ensure that you get the maximum benefits from your hair products.
  • Prone to fly aways but don't want a hardened slicked down hair look? Try spraying a tooth brush with hair spray and use it to smooth down unruly flyaways. We love to use Create from Onesta for all of our hair spray needs. It's buildable and doesn't spray out too wet.
  • Sometimes bobby pins need a little extra help, so we take them a give them a light coating of Create, this keeps them in place all day with no fuss.
  • We always use a thermal protectant prior to any heat styling, not only does this help protect our hair but it also helps our styles last longer. Remember, healthy hair will always hold style better than damaged hair. PRO TIP for easy beachy waves: give dry a hair a light misting of Thermal Setting Spray from Onesta, section into four sections and braid each section, run a flat iron over each section just enough to warm up hair, give your hair 15-20 mins to cool (this is the perfect time to do your makeup!), shake out braids and comb through with your fingers. You'll be left with pretty bohemian waves that look effortless and never over done.