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31 Jan '17

Green Beauty - It's Not Just For Women

Posted by Bree Bruce

If you follow us on Instagram then you saw our post with our new Monday series - #ManlyMonday. We're really excited about this because we're passionate about men making better choices as well. True most men don't wear makeup, but they do wash their hair, wash their body, use deodorant, after shave, hair product, shaving cream, face wash, face lotion, body lotion, sunscreen, and so much more. Cancer doesn't discriminate against male or female, neurotoxins can come from both lipstick and aftershave alike. Making better choices and switching to "Green Beauty" isn't a feminine thing, it's a better and healthier lifestyle thing. So encourage the men in your life to make the switch. We promise we carry products geared towards men, that don't smell like roses and fancy fruit (I mean, we totally have those too). You can be as manly as you'd like and still be green.


And to make it even easier for you and your dudes, we have an entire section on our website geared towards men