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11 Jul '17

Foundation: Finding the Perfect Match

Posted by Ashley Hufford
Do you use the same foundation year round? If so, you know that you could be using the wrong color currently? Depending on the season, our shade can fluctuate depending on time spent out in the sun and our day-to-day life. Its time to change out your winter shade and get the perfect match for these hot, sunny months. This humid weather also might make your foundation separate or not last long, so you might need to switch from liquid to powder, or vice versa. We are here to make this easy for you by sharing our favorite tips to color matching.
Color matching is different for everyone and can be difficult, so we are here to help! We all want the same end result, for our face, neck and body to all match. First and foremost, try to resist swatching on your hand as it is almost never the same color as your face. Test colors directly on the face, neck, and/or décolletage. But what if your face is lighter than your body? If this is the case, match the foundation to the warmer part of your skin (perhaps the décolletage area). This may seem scary but you may end up with a shade that is darker than your face, and that is ok! It will blend and match your body for a uniform look. Another option is to warm up your current shade with a bronzing or darker contouring powder. If your face is darker than your body and you go with a lighter shade of foundation, this could end up leaving your skin looking ashy or aged so always try matching the right color to your face.  One easy tip to remember when searching for the right color is, if the color disappears on your skin, you have found the right shade! You could also warm up your neck with either the same foundation or bronzing powder to help blend your face coloring to match your body. 
Now, on to selecting which foundation is right for you. We've listed below a brief description to help you pick one that suits you best:
Saint Cosmetics liquid foundation: This long wearing foundation feels so lightweight, but is packed full of antioxidants and Shea butter. Saint provides full coverage instantly while also hydrating and protecting the skin from pollutants and free radical damage. This is super easy and quick to apply, and we recommend just blending with your fingertips especially on those days your running out of the door in a hurry.
Saint Cosmetics Powder Foundation: A pressed powder that is infused with jojoba and rosemary essential oils, this is the answer to our need for a multipurpose foundation. We use this as a setting powder or alone for the perfect silky smooth look to our skin. No need to reach for a tool to apply it because it comes with the perfect sponge already in its cute compact. 
Fitglow Vita Active Foundation: We love this pink bottle of awesomeness and our friends over at Think Dirty agree by rating it a zero. This liquid foundation does more than just create an even skin tone. Vita Active is known to improve skin clarity and reduces sun damage and inflammation. While you look fabulous with this on you are also providing you skin with so many benefits. It's the best of both worlds 
Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation: Calling all our oily prone skin friends. This loose powder will keep oil at bay year round or when you out and about in the heat. We also love that it creates such a beautiful matte effect while also reducing the look of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.
100% Pure Super Fruits Healthy Foundation: This rich and creamy product is so luxurious and will conceal all imperfections. Your skin will look velvet soft in this full coverage foundation which is colored with pigments from fruits and vegetables.  We love to apply this with our 100% Pure latex free makeup blender which can also help you blend out the foundation to a more sheer look or layer it up for some full coverage glam.
100% Pure BB Cream: Are you more of a BB cream gal? This cream contains SPF 15 while giving you a  glowing, illuminated complexion. We even love to use this as a highlighter over any of our other foundations too! Perfect for easy glam or to add to makeup stash as an enhancer for the most natural glow. 
A good face starts with a good base so don't forget to add Erin’s Faces primer to all of your orders. Want your makeup to set with a nontoxic setting spry? We have a solution for that too with Coola's Makeup Setting Spray that also has SPF for some extra sun protection. 
Still need help? Come on in to our store and we will be happy to help you with finding the right shade and foundation for you!