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08 Jul '16

Eyeshadow Palettes

Posted by Bree Bruce in Beauty, makeup, must haves, product

There are so many reasons to love a good eyeshadow palette. They are basically fool proof when it comes to matching colors with other complimentary colors, they typically contain enough colors to take you from morning to night (from work to party!), they make packing for a trip easier, they're typically budget friendly (getting multiple shades for about what you'd pay for just 2 or 3), and we could go on. In a green beauty world full of beautifully pigmented loose powder eye shadows, we get really excited to find a good pressed powder palette. So today we're sharing our collection with you!

(From left to right)

The first 3 palettes in the above picture are from 100% Pure, Sex Kitten, Pretty Naked, & Punk Princess.

These are all Fruit Pigmented which means they are 100% natural, nourishing formulas packed with antioxidants, vitamins and beautiful colors from pigments of fruits, seeds, flowers and vegetables. They also go a step further than eyeshadow by including a complimenting blush and highlighter (the larger circles)! And as you can see from the picture each palette is genuinely different and contains a variety of shades for so many different looks!

Next we have the trios (and one duo) from FITGLOW Beauty, Bliss, Twilight, Nightfall, Nudie, & Camo. These gorgeous shades have been Ophthalmologist tested so they are safe for contact lens wearers, they are long lasting and anti-creasing, and can be worn wet or dry for very different looks. Wet them for more pigment or a dramatic eyeliner. We love products that are multi-use, don't you?!

So, cut down on the makeup matching guessing game and treat yourself to one (or all!) of these palettes. Available in store and on our website.