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22 Aug '17

Everything You Need To Know About Highlighting

Posted by Ashley Hufford
Highlighting has become such an important step in everyone’s makeup routine and we love carrying nontoxic highlighters. Today we are breaking down the highlighters that are Enkel approved and why you need them.

Benefits of highlighting:
-You will look more youthful because the glow provides a healthy, radiant look that can turn back time
-Smaller features: a stripe of highlight down the nose will provide a slimming effect
-Make Features pop! Pop some highlight on the cheek bones to have them pop!
-Plump lips by dabbing some product right on the Cupid’s bow and then apply lip color

How to highlight the natural way:
If your someone who doesn’t want a shimmer highlight and want to go the more natural looking route then we recommend picking up Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in 2 shades lighter than you skin tone. This nourishing foundation comes in a easy to use stick so all you have to do is apply the stick directly on to cheek bones, noes, and forehead and blend in with a brush or our 100% Pure Non Latex Blender.

All over glow:
To get the all over glow mix a 2-3 drops of Free Love Beauty Illuminating oil in with your foundation and then apply to face. This is how our favorite stars get that healthy, luminous red carpet look. We have two shades of glow: Sunchild and Wildchild. Sunchild is a golden honey glow and Wildchild has a more iridescent glow. These bottles are packed with rosehip and grape seed oil to hydrate and even skin tone.

If your someone who really wants your features to pop then come check out our selection of Rituel De Fille Rare Light Luminizers. We carry the top selling shajdes that provide an ethereal glow. As you move this glow will reveal a remarkable depth of color that blends together perfectly. We offer a range shades that are fun and perfect for a fun night out and compacts that are just the perfect amount of highlight.

This is the perfect way to highlight is you prefer a multi-use product. All of our 100% Pure eyeshadow palettes contain a powder highlighter. This palettes come in 4 different options so you can do a beautiful eye look and then finish off you makeup by dipping your makeup brush in the highlight and popping in on to reveal your best features. It is the ultimate glow and go!

We are here to help you pick out the perfect highlighter for you! Stop by our boutique so you can get your glow on!