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05 Sep '17

Easy Does It

Posted by Ashley Hufford
Easy does it….The name says it all. Here at Enkel we love a gentle, multi use product so we wanted to share our One Love Organics “Easy Does It” Foaming Cleanser. This is something everyone should have in their home because it works for anyone and for many reasons:

-Face cleanser
-Makeup remover
-Body wash
-Bubble Bath
-Makeup Brush and sponge cleaner
-Hand Soap

A little goes a long way so the bottle will last you a long time. This all purpose cleanser lathers into a soothing, non-drying foam that cleans, softens , and helps protect the face, body, and hair. Turns out that all those different soaps and shampoos and a shower full of products aren’t necessary after all. We also love using it to clean our makeup brushes and our nontoxic, latex free makeup sponges because it will get rid of dirt, product, and bacteria while keeping our tools hydrating and preserving them!

Key Ingredients:
Chilean soap bark and cold-pressed apple oil will balance the skin while clearing out pores and provide a gentle, cleansing effect. Honeysuckle will provide the perfect amount of hydration to skin.

*Even though this is a gentle cleanser it works well on acne and breakout prone skin because it will calm the inflammation and restore balance while healing breakouts quickly.

Pick up a bottle for yourself and enjoy all the ways you can use this while saving money because you wont need a ton of products daily!!!