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19 Aug '16

But Do You Really Need a Night Time Routine?

Posted by Bree Bruce

We all have our morning routine, showering, brushing our teeth, brushing our hair, makeup, etc. But we've noticed that many of customers describe their night time routine as taking their makeup off with a makeup wipe while already in bed or while watching tv. Some of them even just sleep with their makeup on and wash up in the morning. This gives us pause, for several reasons. For one, simply wiping your makeup off is not a routine. Two, this lack of a routine is really counterproductive to a good nights rest. Three, what about your skin?!

What you do before you get in to bed should be soothing and relaxing. Your body and mind need time to unwind and destress, and whether you know it our not we are all creatures of habit. On an average day you do an assortment of things that take a physical toll on your body, and you go through a wide variety of emotion. So having a routine at the end of the day that your body recognizes and knows is the begining of the end of the day can really help get your body and mind ready for a truly restful sleep. While it is highly beneficial to your skin to pull your hair back, cleanse your face, tone and moisturize, once made a nightly actively these things will also trigger your body and mind to start calming down, slow down, and relax. Which means when you finally get in to bed you'll fall asleep much quicker and with less tossing, turning and aimless mind wandering.

As for your skin, well, the best way to explain this is, you don't go to bed wearing dirty clothes do you? So why would you go to bed with a dirty face? It's been clinically proven that washing your face before bed can help you maintain younger looking skin. Your skin goes through different processes throughout the day and can actually tell when it is night time. Night time is when your skin begins to repair and heal itself, and oxygen is a key element in your skins ability to do these things. Sleeping with makeup on and a build up of dirt from the day deprieves your skin of oxygen. The result is tired and dull looking skin.

Not washing your face before bedtime means you're sleeping with dirt, pollution, and (for most of us) makeup sitting in your pores. As the night progresses these things seep deeper and deeper in to your pores and can clog and conjest them, then your pores get inflammed and grow bigger to try and accomodate these things. As we age and our skin loses collagen your pores will lose their ability to snap back to their original size, resulting in larger pores. No one wants that.

Cleansing at night will also help your skin from becoming dehydated. Dehydration in your skin can lead to things like flaking, rough patches, and wrinkles. Now maybe you're thinking you have oily skin so you don't have to worry about dehydration, but let us remind you that oil and hydration are two very different things. It is very possible to have dry skin that is oily and greasy. And as your skin get more dehydrated it will try to repair itself by producing even more oil, which will typically lead to break outs.

So, if you're one of the many who does not have a regular night time routine come by the store, we'll talk about your skin and help you pick out the right products for your needs. Not everyones skin is the same so a personalized regime of products is the best way to go.