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21 Oct '15

Our Favorite Fall 5-Free Polish Colors

Posted by Bree Bruce in information, Nails, product, Tips & Tricks

(Clockwise starting from the top: 100% Pure in Gelato, Aila Beauty in House of Paine, 100% Pure in Pie, Aila Beauty in My 2 Jeffs)

Being based in Southern California "fall" means something very different to us than it does for people in other parts of the country. We're still seeing 80-90 degree weather. While we do get super excited for pumpkin flavored everything we don't get to partake in bundling up with cute coats and scarves as soon as we'd like. But what we can do is start painting our nails all the rich deep beautiful fall colors.

Shimmery taupey browns, midnight blues, grays & blacks, and all the variations of deep dark red! Colors that are really so perfect for glam fall styles. It's hard to pick just one. We love being able to offer a variety of colors from different brands that are dedicated to clean green beauty. Aila Beauty and 100% Pure both create creamy gorgeous hued polishes, that we find to stay chip free longer than most drugstore and department store brand polishes. And of course they are 5-free.

What is 5-free and why does it matter? In order for a polish formula to be considered "5-free" it must be completely void of the following five known toxic ingredients:

  1. Formaldehyde - added to conventional formulas as a nail hardener and strengthener. It has been classified as a known carcinogen. (This means it is linked to cancer!)
  2. Toluene - added for a smooth application. It has been linked to impaired breathing, nausea, can cause kidney damage, and affect human reproduction putting you at a higher risk for spontaneous abortions.
  3. DBP - a harsh plastic chemical added to help prevent chipping, DBP negatively affects the reproductive system.
  4. Camphor - added to formulas for high-shine. It can cause irritation, nausea, dizziness, and headaches when inhaled.
  5. Formaldehyde Resin - a derivative of Formaldehyde, it is a skin allergen.

We don't know about you, but when we paint our nails it is because we want to look more put together and have a girly moment. We definitely do not want to irritate our skin, cause headaches, and possibly cause damage to our overall health. Knowing what is in the products we use is so important, especially when what can be in them can be so dangerous.

So, have vampy gorgeous fall nails without the icky chemical dangers. Shop our website or come in to the store to start switching out your polishes today, and do it with peace of mind because every polish we carry is 5-free!