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08 Oct '15

Why Face Oils Rock part 1

Posted by Bree Bruce in information

Kypris, FitGlow Beauty, One Love Organics, and Pretty Organic Cosmetics Facial Oil

Facial oils are all the rage right now, and as we head in to fall and dry windy weather we totally get why. To be fair though, face oils should be a part of your everyday skincare regime year round.

Many oils are potent antioxidants so they will protect your skin from environmental stressors including damaging free radicals and UVA/UVB rays. Oils are extremely gentle on the skin so they can help soothe and prevent irritation, including inflammation and breakouts. That's right ladies, oil can soothe and prevent breakouts. When skin is stressed out and dry it becomes unbalanced and will over produce oil in an attempt to heal itself, but this over production of oil will often end with your skin being irritated, broken out, and still dry. Which means you'll end up with dry and greasy skin and this will lead to breakouts. A good facial oil creates a lipid barrier on your skin that helps speed up your skins own natural ability to heal, repair, and rebalance itself. So yes, use oil to fight oil. You'll be surprised by the results!

Breakouts not your area of concern? Maybe you're more focused on wrinkles, preventing and diminishing them. Oils can help there too! It's no secret that dry skin will look more wrinkled than hydrated skin. Applying an oil to your freshly washed and damp face will seal in that moisture. Oil attracts and holds in water and moisture. Oils are lipophilic, meaning they can pass through your skin and dissolve in fat cells and plump them up. Resulting in plumper skin and less visible wrinkles.

Now before you toss your day & night creams let me tell you that a facial oil should be used in conjunction with your moisturizers, not necessarily in place of them. Using an oil prior to your moisturizer will prime and prep your skin, basically making it more readily able to absorb all those good ingredients in your moisturizer. It's like a booster, the oil will bind with the moisturizer and "trick" your skin in to letting the moisturizer absorb at a deeper level.

Over the next few days we'll be posting about some of our favorite oils and introducing you to the makers behind them, so be sure to follow along!