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23 Sep '15

Saving Money Never Looked So Cute

Posted by Bree Bruce in Information, Product

(Picture Credit: bkr)

I love that we carry bkr bottles. I myself have three and I will probably add more to that collection. Why does one person need so many water bottles? Well, I like to fill them from my Brita pitcher and keep my fridge stocked with ready to grab-and-go cold water. I don't buy plastic water bottles. It just feels like a waste when I know I'll want to use my bkr bottles, mostly because they're made of glass and pretty adorable.

Recently I've been wondering how much money the average American spends on bottled water a year, and I'm kind of grossed out by the answer. The average American purchases around 30.8 gallons of bottled water, that makes up about 233 of the 16.9oz bottles. At about a buck a bottle that adds up! An entire gallon of tap water only costs $0.004. Gross, right? It gets even worse. During my research I discovered a report from the EWG where they found that many bottled water brands don't use anything except tap water to fill those bottles, and often times harmful contaminants can be found in the water, such as fertilizer residue. You read that right, there may be POOP RESIDUE IS IN YOUR OVER PRICED BOTTLED WATER.

Now back to that yearly amount number. $233. That's a low end guesstimate, but it's still a nice chunk of change being absolutely wasted. So, I did a little more research to help save you guys some money, because I care about that and I like you guys! I'm going to lay out these prices assuming you don't already own a Brita, if you do yay for you because then you'll save even more. On Amazon you can purchase a brand new Brita pitcher and a filter for $21 and an additional 5 filters for $25. That's a year supply of filters as Brita recommends changing filters every 2 months. Now let's pretend that you drink a gallon of water a day, you probably don't, I try to but I'm a crazy person. At $0.004/gallon x 365 days tap water for a year will cost you a whopping $1.46. So, Pitcher + Year Supply of Filter + Water = $47.46. Now let's add the super cute, BPA free, totally recyclable, dish washer safe bkr bottles. Even if you purchased 3 bkr bottles like I have (so you know you'll always have a cold bottle ready to go) you're looking at $96. These are something you won't be buying every year, unless you're like me and feel like you need a color for every mood. You're looking at $143.46, that's a savings of $90 for just the first year. The second year and every year after that your cost will only be the filters and the water, that's roughly $26.46, that saves you OVER $200 a year!

So to sum it up, you're throwing away over $200 every year to drink poop water, when you could be drinking clean delicious water out of safe, earth conscious, adorable bkr bottles.

(Unfortunately we do not offer the bkr bottles for sale on our website, but you can head to the website and check out the options we have and then come in to our store and grab all the bottles! That being said, I hope to see you soon!)