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09 Sep '15

Petroleum or Body Lotion? It's all the same, right?

Posted by Bree Bruce in Information, Product

If you follow us on FaceBook you saw our post today about harmful cancer causing lotions. Since I am not in the business of being the boogeyman I didn't want to just terrify you and leave you high and dry wondering what the heck you're supposed to use now to get silky smooth skin. But before I get into that I wanted to talk a little bit more about Mineral Oil and other icky things commonly found in lotions.

Mineral Oil really is derived from petroleum, and when heated it smells like petroleum. That's gas, people! The kind you use in your car. I don't know about you, but I've never filled up my gas tank and thought to myself "Man, I'd love to just slather my skin with this stuff!". The fact that this can not only be found in countless lotions and body care products is alarming enough, but this junk is often used in BABY LOTION & OIL. What?! That seems like a joke, but I kid you not. Why? Why?! Good grief, why! I'll tell you why, it's cheap and big companies think we're all dumb. True story.

Big companies often find clever ways of tricking us, once an ingredient is found out as harmful they'll tweak it just enough to give it a new name. However, putting an ingredient into witness protection doesn't make it any less harmful. Another harmful form of Mineral Oil is Propylene glycol, and this bad boy is the same stuff they use to make antifreeze! It is also often found in high concentrations (up to 50%) in baby lotions. That's what you want all over your baby's largest organ, antifreeze.

I'm beginning to feel like the boogeyman again so I'll wrap this scarefest up with a list of ingredients you should be avoiding at all cost:

  •    Mineral Oil
  •    Propylene glycol
  •    Parabens
  •    Phthalates
  •    Fragrance
  •    Formaldehyde
  •    BHA/BHT
  •    DEA/MEA/TEA

Seriously, if any of these ingredients are listed on your favorite lotion, do yourself a favor and toss it, now. Then come in, or head to our website and pick out something that will leave you smooth and with peace of mind. We have so many different options for you to pick from. My personal favorite? One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Oil, I get excited to take a shower because I know as soon as I step out I get to slather myself with this deliciously hydrating treat! Or when I shower at night and I know I want to wake up with baby soft skin nothing beats 100% Pure Organic Body Cream in Honey Almond. No matter what type of lotion lover you are, I'm sure we've got you covered.