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02 Sep '15

Drop that face cream, it may be poisoning you slowly!

Posted by Bree Bruce in Product, Tips & Tricks
Do I have your attention? Good. Sorry for scaring you like that, but we need to talk and it's pretty serious. Do you know what is really in your skincare and beauty products? I mean really know and understand? Because we certainly didn't, and once we started researching and learning we were mortified. I spent a few hours panicking surrounded by a sea of icky toxin filled products convinced that I'd basically given myself cancer. I could already picture my headstone “Death by vanity & lipstick”. A few tall glasses of water and trash bags filled with product later, I calmed down. Sense and reason took over and I told myself there was nothing I could do about my past crimes against my health but going forward I could make better and well educated choices.
Enter No More Dirty Looks and the Think Dirty app. These two resources have proven to be invaluable on our journey in to clean green beauty. So much so that we often find ourselves recommending people download Think Dirty as they’re standing in our store, take home a copy of No More Dirty Looks and attack their arsenal of beauty & skincare products with reckless abandon. Before we sell you anything we genuinely want you to understand two things: 1. WHY what you’re currently using may be harmful and 2. HOW the products we carry are better. Enkel is a place you can walk into and know that anything and everything you purchase has been researched and is safe, clean, green, and nontoxic. You can trust that we have your best interest at heart. That being said, we want to help educate and empower you.
Download the Think Dirty app, like right now. Scan your favorite products, read why they received the score they did, find out about the ingredients, the app will even explain why each ingredient is safe or harmful. After you’ve done that come in to the store and let us help you switch your products out for safer and toxin free products. We are happy to send you home with samples of almost any product in our store, we want you to feel comfortable and love your new products as much as we do.