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06 May '16


Yesterday we touched a bit on the power of primers with our #thisnotthatthursday post. And we introduced you to one of our new (& favorite) products, Erin's Faces Pore Perfecting Primer. So today we wanted to really dive in to primers, our two favs, and the awesome benefits of this quick (& game changing) makeup step.

So, like we just said, it is an extra step, and we get it, sometimes another step is not something you're looking for. In fact, if you're like us, you're always on the hunt for ways to eliminate steps from your daily routine. But trust us when we say this step will actually be a time saver in the run of your entire day, say goodbye to routine "touch ups" because the right primers will give your make up an all day "just applied" look. 

First up is Erin's Faces Brightening Eyeshadow Primer. Wearing an eye primer helps ensure all day, crease free shadow, more vibrant color, and a smoother finish (because the primer actually helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles). This primer also brightens the eye area (works on all skintones) and creates a water-resistant barrier that keeps your eyeshadow on until you wash your face, (this is absolutely accurate, I swatched the primer on my hand with some shadow, which you'll see in the photo below, and when I tried to clean my hand I had to literally scrub it with a makeup remover wipe!).

As you can see in the picture the swatch with primer is smoother, more pigmented and vibrant, I needed less product to achieve that finish than the swatch without primer, and, like I said, it was much harder to remove.

 Next is Erin's Faces Pore Perfecting Primer. Perfect for normal to combination skin types, this primer is a multi-tasking superhero. Turning your skin into the perfect even canvas to apply your foundation it also works as a skincare product by harnessing the power of Salicylic Acid to even out roughness and help control your skins natural oil production, keeping you smooth and shine free all day long. Which means you apply once in the morning and the rest of your day is easy breezy perfection!

Come by the store and check out these two new products! We'll happily send you home with a sample so you can fall in love just as we have!