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22 Apr '16

Strobing, Highlight, Shimmer & Shine

Posted by Bree Bruce in highlight, highlighter, strobbing

Highlighting is all the rage right now in the makeup game. And we totally get why, it's quicker and easier than "contouring" and it makes your face glow like an angel from heaven. We're all about it. So it's no wonder that we are flush with Highlighter options at Enkel! But before I start to gush about all of our fab options, I wanted to talk a little bit about what is lurking in some of the most popular highlighters out there.

I watched a ton of YouTube videos about highlighters to see how people are wearing them and which ones they're recommending (Mary-Lou Manizer by the balm, High Beam by benefit, MUSE by Smashbox were among the favs). Then I looked up the ingredients of these highly recommended items and was a more than a little freaked out by what I found.

  • Butylparaben - toxic to the reproduction system, a hormone disruptor, a known carcinogen (SCARY)
  • Isobutylparaben - this is often found built up inside the tissue of breast tumors (EVEN MORE SCARY)
  • PTFE - synthetic ingredient used in Teflon (that's the stuff they use to coat pots and pans, guys.), it is a potential carcinogen
  • Polysorbate 60 - an organ system toxicant
  • Polyethylene - microplastic (yeah, you read that right, PLASTIC), a potential carcinogen

If you're checking your highlighters and you see any of these ingredients, toss them right now! Then read the rest of this post to see what your options are for a cleaner, greener, safer, and probably ever prettier option!

We weren't kidding, we have lots of options. Loose powder, pressed powder, dry stick cream, liquid cream that can be mixed in to almost anything or worn alone. And they are all gorgeous!

1. FITGLOW Beauty HiLight

This gorgeous duo comes in one compact, making it a must have for the girl on the go, or just anyone who likes convenience and gold. This swatch is misleading, because the top shade actually looks like it would be darker in the compact, but once swiped on it is a beautiful sheer champagne color. While the bottom color is a more true gold with flecks of gold sparkle in it. Both work awesome as highlighters but we really love them as eye shadows as well.

2. Alima Pure Highlighter

As you can see from the swatch, the top color, Dolce, is more golden, while the bottom color, Lumina, leans more towards a silvery beige color. Both are versatile for all skin types, and extremely customizable. I actually enjoy wearing Dolce as an eyeshadow, and often put a a swipe of Lumina over my cheek bones prior to blushing & bronzing. Sometimes I even use a light dusting as a setting powder, ya know, for those extra glowy occasions in a girls life.

3. 100% Pure Luminating Creme

By far our most subtle and versatile highlighter, these little babies are new to the store and we are loving them. The color on the left is Starlight and the color on the right is Northern Light. If you follow along with us on Instagram then you saw our #thisnotthatthursday post about these. But incase you didn't, we wanted to share this awesome dupe secret with you. Mix a swipe of Northern Light in with your favorite moisturizer and apply to your face for the most perfect and luminous glow, exactly like MACs Strobe Cream but without any of the icky toxins! These also work nicely under eye shadow to give your shadow a gleam, or forget the eye shadow and wear alone. The awesome sponge tip applicator also makes this perfect for pinpoint applications with no need to fuss with an extra brush.

4. Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use

These multi-use sticks from Vapour are great for the low maintenance lady. Formulated for eyes, lips, and cheeks, it's a one and done situation that will leave you looking ethereal for sure. Easy to use and quite buildable, you decide exactly how highlighted you want to be, and never worry about over doing it, this creamy yet dry formula is easy to blend out.

How do you like to wear your highlighter? Come by the store to sample all these different highlighters!