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15 Apr '16

Beautiful Golden Tan, Naturally

Posted by Bree Bruce

Gone are the days of the "fake and bake" and orange tan. Spray tanning is the number one choice for a beautiful (& believable) faux tan among most people. So isn't it time you have an organic option? We think so! Which is why we are now offering Organic Spray Tans with Certified Organic EcoTan solution!

Why does it matter if it's organic? Because not only does it sit on your skin for a few hours before you can even wash it off, but it's being sprayed on to your body, which means it's traveling through the air from the airbrush to your body, which means you are inevitably going to be inhaling it. And we don't know about you, but we do not want to be breathing in harmful chemicals just to be tan.

Our solution does still contain Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, (you will not find any spray tan solution without this ingredient). However, this is a naturally derived version of the ingredient. Made up of all natural and/or certified organic ingredients, EcoTan uses Cacoa and Caramel to achieve the gorgeous rich color you'll be left with, as opposed to the synthetic green or orange base or dyes found in most other solutions.

Enkel owner, Mandee, recently acted as our guinea pig and became the envy of us all. Just check out this before and after picture:

Hello, gorgeous!

We are really excited to be offering this new luxury service in our Tustin location and are now accepting appointments. The price is $65 per tan, and we are currently accepting appointments for Tuesdays & Thursdays between the hours of 11am - 3pm. You can just call the store to set up your appointment, (714) 884-3288.