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22 Aug '17

Everything You Need To Know About Highlighting

Posted by Ashley Hufford
Highlighting has become such an important step in everyone’s makeup routine and we love carrying nontoxic highlighters. Today we are breaking down the highlighters that are Enkel approved and why you need them.

Benefits of highlighting:
-You will look more youthful because the glow provides a healthy, radiant look that can turn back time
-Smaller features: a stripe of highlight down the nose will provide a slimming effect
-Make Features pop! Pop some highlight on the cheek bones to have them pop!
-Plump lips by dabbing some product right on the Cupid’s bow and then apply lip color

How to highlight the natural way:
If your someone who doesn’t want a shimmer highlight and want to go the more natural looking route then we recommend picking up Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in 2 shades lighter than you skin tone. This nourishing foundation comes in a easy to use stick so all you have to do is apply the stick directly on to cheek bones, noes, and forehead and blend in with a brush or our 100% Pure Non Latex Blender.

All over glow:
To get the all over glow mix a 2-3 drops of Free Love Beauty Illuminating oil in with your foundation and then apply to face. This is how our favorite stars get that healthy, luminous red carpet look. We have two shades of glow: Sunchild and Wildchild. Sunchild is a golden honey glow and Wildchild has a more iridescent glow. These bottles are packed with rosehip and grape seed oil to hydrate and even skin tone.

If your someone who really wants your features to pop then come check out our selection of Rituel De Fille Rare Light Luminizers. We carry the top selling shajdes that provide an ethereal glow. As you move this glow will reveal a remarkable depth of color that blends together perfectly. We offer a range shades that are fun and perfect for a fun night out and compacts that are just the perfect amount of highlight.

This is the perfect way to highlight is you prefer a multi-use product. All of our 100% Pure eyeshadow palettes contain a powder highlighter. This palettes come in 4 different options so you can do a beautiful eye look and then finish off you makeup by dipping your makeup brush in the highlight and popping in on to reveal your best features. It is the ultimate glow and go!

We are here to help you pick out the perfect highlighter for you! Stop by our boutique so you can get your glow on!
15 Aug '17

Nudus Lipsticks

Posted by Ashley Hufford

    We have a treat for you today from down under! We’re talking about Australia, of course. When you think of Australia you may think of kangaroos, Sydney Opera House, or some hunky actor. Have you ever thought of beautiful lipstick from Australia? Once you hear about Nudus Australia you will!
Nudus is Australian made, certified organic, cruelty free, and authentically crafted. This lippies come in a pure white tube which make it easy to spot when your digging through your purse, but its what is in each tube that is impressive.

These are specially designed with:
-vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K
-essential fatty acids
-anti aging ingredients
    All of these ingredients blend together perfectly to keep your lips soft and protect them from natural stress.
We have hand selected 9 of the best shades that we sell at our boutique. Each color is handcrafted with extracts from flowers, fruits, herbs, and minerals. These extracts blend with cold pressed oils including pumpkin, kiwi fruit, raspberry, pomegranate, argan, and moringa. This makes for a nutritious cocktail of moisture and beauty. The formula of food grade ingredients will lead to a healthy, stunning smile. In order to keep the integrity of each product Nudus each color is made in small batches and without machinery so that the freshness and quality control can be ensured. This is all very impressive from a lipstick line. Now that you know how amazing these lipsticks are were doing a quick breakdown of colors
-Revenge: Classic Red
-Just Like Jade: Berry Aubergine
-Halo: Light Muted Rose
-Fairy Tales: Light Warm Peach
-Bittersweet: Bright Orange Red
-Naked: Light Golden Neutral Brown
-Survivor: Electrifying Fuchsia Pink
-Dirty Diana: Deep Bordeaux Red
-Precious: Bright Coral Pink
    We believe in this product so much we ship it all the way from Australia to our boutique just so we can share how fabulous it is with you. Also, we are offering 20% off all shades to make it even more accessible for you! Stop by our Tustin location to pick up your favorite shade!

08 Aug '17

Flawless, Glowing Skin Head To Toe

Posted by Ashley Hufford

We live in a word where we always have to be picture ready for social media and this is one product that will make you feel more confident. By now we all know the harmful effects of too much time in the sun, so with our self tanning line Vita Liberata you don’t have to sacrifice a perfect tan for our health. It is the best of both worlds, but it gets better! We are so excited to share a product that we love with you. Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish gives the most flawless skin finish and is great at reducing the appearance of cellulite and spider veins. This skin perfector is a body makeup that gives a natural looking tint for the body and reflects light for a photo-ready finish.

Body Blur has rave reviews from fans and beauty blogger Carli Bybel (@carlibel) who has said, “This is hands down one of my favorite products, possibly ever….I love it for an instant tan….its basically makeup for your body.” Carli sums it up perfectly and for such a big beauty influencer to give her stamp of approval makes us so happy.

At Enkel we offer Body Blur in two shades: lights and medium, so it's easy to find the perfect one for you. We also recommended switching up your shade depending on the season. A great addition for anyone who gets our spray tan services, it lasts up to 24 hours and helps to keep your tan looking perfect at all times!

How to use:
A little goes a long way! For body use a tan mitt that we offer at Enkel and apply in small pea size dots and then blend well in circular movements. For face and décolleté apply sparingly with fingers or a foundation brush.

Some Highlights:
-masks blemishes (yes, it is safe to use on the face)

-natural looking tint that can be washed off

-can be used as a makeup primer
-hydrates the skin with certified organic extracts
-water resistant
-you’ll look fabulous

Stop by our boutique to pick up Body Blur, tanning mitt, and all of your other tanning needs. Also, give us a call so we can book your next organic, nontoxic spray tan. #staytan

01 Aug '17

Paradise In A Jar....A Must Have For All Skin Types

Posted by Ashley Hufford

Leahlani has named this product a “multi tasking superhero”. For 7 years now fans of Honey Love have been writing love letters and thank you cards expressing how much of a skin care game changer this product is. Honey Love is a 3-in1 holy grail product that can used as a cleanser, mask and exfoliator. This magic in a jar product is perfect for all skin types but works exceptionally well for oily and blemish prone skin.

Every ingredient is locally sourced in Hawaii so its like paradise in a jar. We listed some of the star ingredients:
-Raw Honey: known to have endless benefits this ingredient is antiseptic and antimicrobial so with this mask sitting on your skin it will kill bacteria and stop breakouts. Honey will also brighten and even skin tone which will help diminish scars and age spots. Oh, and if that weren’t enough it also hydrates your skin.

-Rose Clay:Provides a gentle exfoliation and helps increase circulation. Which means it will help regenerate collagen and elastin. Hello youthful skin!

-Wildcrafted Maqui Berry: Contains this highest level of antioxidants out of any fruit which will help combat damage while reducing inflammation.

-Hibiscus Flower: Known as the “Botox plant” because it is incredible firming and lifting ability

-Corundum Microdermabrasion Crystals: These are the crystals you see in this jar which don’t have any jagged edges so it wont tear skin while it exfoliates.

How to use:
-As a cleanser/mask: massage a small amount on to your face in gentle circles and then leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing off.

-As an exfoliator/mask: when you open up the jar you are going to want to give it a good stir because the crystals will settle to the bottom. Once it is combined apple a small amount to skin and gently massage in small circles. When moving the product on the skin you can focus on areas that have more congestion. Leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse off.

Are you ready to join the Honey Love fan club? Stop by our store and pick up a jar for yourself and watch it change your skin. Enkel tip: This also makes a perfect gift!

25 Jul '17

Lotus Wei Mists That Will Change Your Day!

Posted by Ashley Hufford

Lotus Wei is a company that believes in the power of flowers, and once we started using these mists we became believers too. These bottles of flower essences can give you a boost in energy, calm your overactive mind, or help you to get rid of your crabby attitude. The mist you choose allows you to take in the pure flower essence that is suspended in water. This means that this bottle is considered liquid energy that transforms your mood and mind for the better. Breathing in the aroma of the mist brings you balance and back to feeling good. All you have to do is close you eyes, spray the mist around your face, neck, shoulders, and breathe in deeply. We have also found that spraying your home or your car with any of these wonderful sprays can also create a awesome environment for you to spend time in. Here at Enkel we carry what we consider to be the essential four that are the most important for you to have. We believe in the power of these flower sprays so much that we are offering 20% off of them so you can pick up as many as you need. Keep reading to see which are the best fit for you:

Joy Juice: This is our go to for sitting in traffic, dealing with that difficult person in your life, or anytime we want to feel happy. The jasmine and sweet orange scent also bring out more laughter, simplicity, and a feeling of contentment.

Radiant Energy: For those weeks where you feel so tired and drained, need to recharge after traveling, or any time you need an energy boost this mist will work wonders. A few sprays on your sheets will help you to relax after long days. We also love to spray this around the office because it will take away fatigue from too much computer use too!

Quiet mind: Ahh, relaxation is just a spray away. This mist will dissolve any restless feelings and tension. Spraying this by your shoulders will also relive any stored up tension in the shoulders and neck. A must have for when you can over analyze a situation. Tip: we spray this right before bed so we can drift off to sleep knowing that the geranium and lemon scent will have us snoozing in no time.

Inspired action: We can also use a little help to be more motivated or following through on finishing a project. This amazing citrus scent will help to accomplish that while helping you achieve your goals too by dissolving procrastination or feeling stuck.

Stop by our store to smell how incredible these are and shift your mood in no time!

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